Michael Hall Antiques offers a curated collection of 18th, 19th and 20th century American & Southern furniture as well as both fine and decorative arts. We are always interested in handling paintings by southern artist including; Carl Brenner, Gilbert Gaul, Paul Sawyier, Patty Thum, Cornelius Hankins and Harvey Joiner, Edward Troye, George Barse Jr., Washington Cooper, Ella Hergesheimer, Palmer Chrisman, Thomas J. Scott, J.E. Wagner, Clementine Hunter, Charles F. Lanman, Paul Sawyier, Thomas Waterman Wood, Anne Goldthwaite, Carroll Cloar, Nicola Marshchall, Ralph Earl, Achille Perelli, George Cooke, Cadurcis Plantagenet Ream, Charles Thompson, William Frye, Alberta Kinsey, Sam Houston original signature. We buy and sell early American Furniture including sugar chest, Jacksonpress, Pie safe and huntboard. We buy and sell sterling silver tea and flatware sets.